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Stitch (Stitch Trilogy, #1)

Stitch  - Samantha Durante 3.5

After taking a deep breath and wrapping my head around this whole twist turning story I can finally go off and say how awesome this story is! I loved the characters, I loved the twists and turns, I loved the idea.

Alessa, my favorite character, is finding herself through college when she starts seeing a ghost appearing. She feels attached to who he is and she is determined to find out who he is, and where he is from, and why he is appearing to her. Then it switches to the ghosts point of view, Isaac, and the same thing is happening to him. He thinks it's the 1900's and she thinks it the 2000's.

So as I first start reading the book, I think it 'damn, this is a kind of weird, I thought it was dystopia, but it's a girl who falls in love with a ghost'. I felt pretty confused and then BAM! this ghost boy, Isaac, is seeing her too, and then I was sure the book was going to be about time travel and what not, I was super excited, going along with it about her taking the machine thing and getting the message to Isaac, and then everything goes in another direction. They find out they have all been brainwashed and or slave-actors on some TV show, and then I couldn't put the book down cause I was waiting for some other twist.

So I loved the idea, but I am sure I would have loved it more if it was some time travel book where they talk about everything is a constant time and that's why Alessa and Isaac can see each other, that was my favorite idea that kind of came out of this book, but I loved the brainwashing idea as well.

Really good book, I will read the next one, this book is a crazy page turner.