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The Elite - 'Kiera Cass' I have stared at a blank page trying to type a review for this book, writing something, and the backspacing until it is all the way gone. The reason why is I am so damn frustrated and disappointed with this book. I loved “The Selection”, I loved the cheese and the competition, because I have never read anything similar to it (or lived it in high school days). I actually thought this series was going to be a two parter. I guess not. So not a lot happened, America is head jerking the boys around, and there is some rebels attacking the palace.

So America, I thought for sure she was going to have her mind made up in this novel. Her heart changed a lot, too much. She feels bubbly and romantic with Maxon. And with Aspen she feel safe, and secure, and she knows he is always going to be there. It’s probably one of the worst love triangles I have read about. Maxon still has no idea that America’s ex is right in the palace, which I find, disappointing, because I think it would make this love triangle way better. Extremely dramatic as well. America is definitely taking her risk with Aspen, because Maxon has no idea, and what if they were caught?

The south rebels and north rebels are attacking the palace throughout the novel, which I believe, just like America, that they are trying to get the diaries that may hold some very important information. I am sure in the next book there is going to be more to it, and I believe America will have a huge role in stopping it.

America needs to make up her mind quickly, or else she’s gonna’ miss out on both boys. I just hope she picks Aspen.