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Enigma Black (Enigma Black, #1)

Enigma Black (Enigma Black, #1) - Sara Furlong Burr Thank you to the author for giving me a copy in return for an honest review.

From page one Enigama Black keeps you wanting to turn the page as fast as you can wanting more. I love this book, and it's one I will end up reading again, and continue on with reading the trilogy. I had high hopes for this book and it defiantly did not dissapoint. This dystopian book stood out more for me that a lot of dystopian books I have been reading.

The plot was amazing and grabs your attention with all it's twists and turns. It's super engaging and the storyline is well paced. I absolutely love Celaine, she is a character I fell instantly in love with on her journey for revenge on the man who changed her life.

The book is aimed at YA, but will suit well with an older audience as well.